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What Is a Caffeine Trail?


Rise and grind, caffeine-lovers! The Tri-Valley Caffeine Trail is a unique collection of cafés, coffee houses, and tea rooms in the Tri-Valley, each with their own special set of peps and perks. Sip on craft coffee creations, sweet boba tea, and steamy artisanal teas as you explore the most creative caffeine connoisseurs of
the Tri-Valley.


Visit 1 participating stop in each city in the Tri-Valley, and we’ll send you a Tri-Valley coffee mug!

there are two ways
to play

Download a passport or pick one up at a participating store. Get 5 stamps from different locations and then mail or bring in your completed passport to:

5075 Hopyard Rd., Suite 240
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Visit 1 participating stop in each of the 4 cities in the Tri-Valley, take a picture of your beverage, snack, or even yourself! Once you post it online, mention us @visittrivalley and use 

participating trail stops

characterz cafe & coffee roasters
characterz cafe
Still open for COVID-19 and they added fun new events for the community. Still my favorite coffee shop ever I can't wait until it's safe for games again,...
I am a coffee shop addict and this place exceeds expectations! I got the Horchata Latte (iced, double shot) and it was amazing. Not too sweet or too loud...
This place was fun to visit, even though we couldn't go in due to social distancing. The crew was super friendly and offered service with a warm smile....
Hours of Operation
Monday5AM - 5PM
Tuesday5AM - 5PM
Wednesday5AM - 5PM
Thursday5AM - 5PM
Friday5AM - 5PM
Saturday7AM - 1PM
Sunday7AM - 1PM
inklings coffee pleasanton
Nice place for us to read and have a good coffee. Very organized process to order drinks and quick pickup. Outside sitting in downtown Pleasanton is very...
Great little coffee shop in Pleasanton. They were taking precautions when my family wen to visit, so much so we couldn't all be in the shop together. I...
I'm a fan of inklings for multiple reasons. The drinks are good and the staff has always been kind. I typically order the peach apricot green tea and really...
Hours of Operation
Monday7AM - 8PM
Tuesday7AM - 8PM
Wednesday7AM - 8PM
Thursday7AM - 8PM
Friday7AM - 9PM
Saturday7AM - 9PM
Sunday7AM - 8PM
the english rose tea room
We did the Mother's Day Take-our Tea! Awesome! Everything was delicious, fresh & perfectly packaged! And considering the SIP times, it was nice to get such...
Put on your tea party dress, silk gloves and fancy hats because it's time for your afternoon tea. Darling, "Would you like a cup of tea?" I had such a...
Lovely place to have tea! I had my birthday lunch here. Very fun experience overall. They bring you the tea menu AND THERE IS SO MUCH TO PICK FROM!!!!!! I...
Hours of Operation
Monday7AM - 8PM
Tuesday7AM - 8PM
Wednesday7AM - 8PM
Thursday7AM - 8PM
Friday7AM - 9PM
Saturday7AM - 9PM
Sunday7AM - 8PM
the press artisan cafe livermore
I have been here more than a handful of times before current restrictions. Mainly I have come here for breakfast and a few visits for lunch. My go to is...
I came here on my lunch break today for a refreshing sandwich. I pulled up and noticed that majority of their orders were phone orders. And they had...
This place is super bomb!! Due to the quarantine we got the food to go and sat at a park and ate but let me tell you... She the Avocado + Goat Cheese +...
Hours of Operation
Monday7AM - 8PM
Tuesday7AM - 8PM
Wednesday7AM - 8PM
Thursday7AM - 8PM
Friday7AM - 9PM
Saturday7AM - 9PM
Sunday7AM - 8PM
the steam house coffee & kava bar
steam house coffee & kava bar
Have you ever had a mocha made from mushrooms? Well, you can here! And not from the psychedelic ones... Service is friendly. Prices are good. Drinks are...
This is a must really good looking spot to hang and have a cup of coffee. Or my personal fav Vietnamese coffee . Alicia is a girl who is seemingly always...
Hours of Operation
Monday8AM - 9PM
Tuesday8AM - 9PM
Wednesday8AM - 9PM
Thursday8AM - 9PM
Friday8AM - 9PM
Saturday8AM - 3PM
Sunday8AM - 3PM
espresso rosetta
I have been going to Espresso Rosetta for 7 years I think. They serve some of the best coffee and tea I have ever had. In the beginning, their hours were...
I went there pre C-19 to meet with my BFF and was so delighted by the warm ambiance and the choice of teas- and coffees. I am a tea aficionado and tea snob...
Best lavender latte I've ever had. Coffee here is delicious. I have also had a traditional latte and a bacon, egg, cheese sandwich. Both which were really...
Hours of Operation
Monday6:30AM - 4PM
Tuesday6:30AM - 4PM
Wednesday6:30AM - 4PM
Thursday6:30AM - 4PM
Friday6:30AM - 6PM
Saturday7AM - 6PM
Sunday7AM - 6PM
panama bay coffee co livermore
Great service, excellent coffee and breakfast snacks! Most of all you can't knock the view! This is a HUGE YES! I support local! Glenda Benevides -...
I've been here off and on for a decade...dntwm Livermore 1st St. Can u say Panama Red? Bay born and still have my open cap.cuo black with...
Hours of Operation
Monday5:30AM - 10PM
Tuesday5:30AM - 10PM
Wednesday5:30AM - 10PM
Thursday5:30AM - 10PM
Friday5:30AM - 11PM
Saturday6AM - 11PM
Sunday7AM - 8PM
story coffee co.
SIP Takeout Review: Paul and his crew (aka Storytellers) stayed committed to creating quality drinks and supporting the local heroes in their town of...
I love this place! It's such a cozy cafe tucked away in Livermore. I don't frequent Livermore much, but I definitely plan on coming by each time I'm there....
We have never been inside this restaurant, and STILL love it! That has got to be saying something. My husband and I discovered Story Coffee during shelter...
Hours of Operation
Monday6AM - 6PM
Tuesday6AM - 6PM
Wednesday6AM - 6PM
Thursday6AM - 6PM
Friday6AM - 6PM
Saturday6AM - 6PM
Sunday6AM - 6PM
the press pleasanton
I'm seriously OBSESSED with the Press. I try not to eat out during the Pandemic but when I do I pretty much only go here. They just came out with a mushroom...
Great food, great coffee! The staff is very friendly and helpful. The staff is taking COVID seriously and makes sure your table is wiped and chairs are...
I've been to this the Press twice. Once right before the Covid-19 shutdown and once during the shut down (obviously with social distancing and safe...
Hours of Operation
Monday7:30AM - 3PM
Tuesday7:30AM - 3PM
Wednesday7:30AM - 3PM
Thursday7:30AM - 3PM
Friday7:30AM - 3PM
Saturday8AM - 3PM
Sunday9AM - 2PM
tea heart boba tea dublin
Found this place from yelp Ad when looking up for boba tea in Dublin area. Ordered by phone. They ask when you will arrive to pick up and when i get there,...
Loved the caramel tea with boba! Am so happy to have found this place so near to my house 🙂 The guy at the reception was very sweet !
Hours of Operation
Monday10:30AM - 9:30PM
Tuesday10:30AM - 9:30PM
Wednesday10:30AM - 9:30PM
Thursday10:30AM - 9:30PM
Friday10:30AM - 10PM
Saturday10AM - 10PM
Sunday10AM - 10PM
boba bliss dublin, ca
This boba joint is da bomb! The bobas are on point and their drinks are fresh and delish! We come here at least once every week. Due to the pandemic, in...
What to do on a smoky gloomy day? Get a matcha brown sugar pearl latte to perk up your day. The Tri valley community is going through extreme heatwave,...
covid19 review: Process is you order online and they give a time estimate on when it'll be ready for you to pick up. They also text you to keep you...
Hours of Operation
Monday11AM - 9PM
Tuesday11AM - 9PM
Wednesday11AM - 9PM
Thursday11AM - 9PM
Friday11AM - 10PM
Saturday11AM - 10PM
Sunday11AM - 9PM
cafe tapioca dubiln, ca
Still my favorite spot to get Boba drinks. This place has been in Dublin for as long as I can remember and is the first in the area to my knowledge. I'm...
Excellent place! Like most places, they are only available for take-out right now because of the pandemic, but be sure to check them out and support your...
Have been trying to cool down in the 100°+F heat wave. Decided to get a boba to cool off. Stopped by at Cafe Tapioca. As soon as you walk in, the place...
Hours of Operation
Monday11AM - 10PM
Tuesday11AM - 10PM
Wednesday11AM - 10PM
Thursday11AM - 10PM
Friday11AM - 10PM
Saturday11AM - 10PM
Sunday11AM - 10PM
allegro coffee co. (whole foods)
Rediscovered WFM! I've been stopping by in the mornings. It's clean and safe without too many shoppers at 9:00am. My favorite quick, fix stay home meal...
This is my favorite location because it's big, clean, and for the most part all the staff are helpful and polite. They handled the COVID-19 transition well...
Hours of Operation
Monday8AM - 10PM
Tuesday8AM - 10PM
Wednesday8AM - 10PM
Thursday8AM - 10PM
Friday8AM - 10PM
Saturday8AM - 10PM
Sunday8AM - 10PM
amazing basil (a cup of)
Food here is great. The Rice Vermicelli Bowl with BBQ items never disappoints. The several sauces/condiments that come with the vermicelli bowl add extra...
Never disappointed when ordering from Amazing Basil. I recommend ordering directly from their website to avoid unnecessary fees from DoorDash, UberEats,...
I came here before the shelter in place situation and have been meaning to write a review for a while (I've raved about them on IG twice already though, if...
Hours of Operation
Monday11AM - 9PM
Tuesday11AM - 9PM
Wednesday11AM - 9PM
Thursday11AM - 9PM
Friday11AM - 9PM
Saturday11AM - 9PM
Sunday11AM - 9PM
sideboard neighborhood kitchen
sideboard kitchen danville
Sideboard has been a favorite since they've been at the first location at the Danville hotel. We had to get used to the new place with its new vibe and...
Sideboard is so cute but even with the new location, it is too small. With COVID, we have just been ordering take-out of the Sideboard Nachos. They are...
Hey dudes! Sideboard is open for takeout and BOOZE orders!!! What?! Booze, you say? If you haven't had the presence of mind to try Sideboard while COVID-19...
Hours of Operation
Monday8AM - 8PM
Tuesday8AM - 9PM
Wednesday8AM - 9PM
Thursday8AM - 9PM
Friday8AM - 9PM
Saturday8AM - 9PM
Sunday8AM - 8PM
starbucks reserve danville
The fanciest Starbucks I've been to. If you order one of their specialty cold drinks, they serve it in a plastic reusable cup. I recommend the affogato,...
Went to Starbucks reserve for the first time. The store is located in a cute area but parking could be a bit difficult. The shop could also easily be missed...
This location has the best service that i have ever received in a Starbucks. The employees were friendly, helpful, and courteous. I wish they were able to...
Hours of Operation
Monday5AM - 9PM
Tuesday5AM - 9PM
Wednesday5AM - 9PM
Thursday5AM - 9PM
Friday5AM - 10PM
Saturday5:30AM - 10PM
Sunday5:30AM - 9:30PM
the coffee shop
Love the vibe in here! Rustic decor, and lots of seats for folks to work or chat. I would totally come read a book or get work done here if I lived in...
Post-workout coffee date with Jac C. My minted iced cold brew was delicious. Creamy (they default to half and half) with the perfect hint of mint. Jac C...
Coffee shop is the best! Whether you're having a coffee date in their aesthetically pleasing space, or picking up something to go, this is the place to be!...
Hours of Operation
Monday6:30AM - 5PM
Tuesday6:30AM - 5PM
Wednesday6:30AM - 5PM
Thursday6:30AM - 5PM
Friday6:30AM - 5PM
Saturday6:30AM - 5PM
Sunday6:30AM - 5PM
basque boulangerie danville
We called for curbside delivery. We ordered two slices of beehive cake and a chocolate cupcake, brought right out to the car. Great service! The treats...
Love love love this place!!!! Ordered take out tonight and enjoyed a wonderful healthy meal that tasted delicious! Don't skip the beehive cake, best cake I...
My wife and I went to this cafe recently to try their bee hive cake. We also got the berry pie with custard. Both of them were very good! I liked the pie...
Hours of Operation
Monday8AM - 4PM
Wednesday8AM - 4PM
Thursday8AM - 9PM
Friday8AM - 9PM
Saturday8AM - 9PM
Sunday8AM - 4PM
medleno coffee shop & roastery
medleno coffee shop & roastery
I came here twice during COVID for a cold brew and a latte. The coffee shop is a small store located in plaza with plenty of parking. For the cold brew,...
It's a small little mom and pop restaurant that makes you feel like you're walking into the comfort of your home. You can literally see everything once you...
The Best, Best, Best Coffee!!! They source, roast, and brew themselves. Incomparable to Starbucks and Peet's The flavor is amazing, not acidic, and a...
Hours of Operation
Monday7AM - 5PM
Tuesday7AM - 5PM
Wednesday7AM - 5PM
Thursday7AM - 5PM
Friday7AM - 5PM
Saturday7AM - 5PM