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What Is a Caffeine Trail?


Rise and grind, caffeine-lovers! The Tri-Valley Caffeine Trail is a unique collection of cafés, coffee houses, and tea rooms in the Tri-Valley, each with their own special set of peps and perks. Sip on craft coffee creations, sweet boba tea, and steamy artisanal teas as you explore the most creative caffeine connoisseurs of
the Tri-Valley.


Visit 1 participating stop in each city in the Tri-Valley, and we’ll send you a Tri-Valley coffee mug!

there are two ways
to play

Download a passport or pick one up at a participating store. Get 5 stamps from different locations and then mail or bring in your completed passport to:

5075 Hopyard Rd., Suite 240
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Visit 1 participating stop in each of the 4 cities in the Tri-Valley, take a picture of your beverage, snack, or even yourself! Once you post it online, mention us @visittrivalley and use 

participating trail stops

characterz cafe & coffee roasters
characterz cafe
Characterz Cafe was a place i've was considering trying. saw it by happenchance. Characterz Cafe lives up to it's name with a whimsical interior of comic &...
Great fun vibe with lots of comic-con type characterz and even Disney. Pin ball machine. And open really early. Tried a Brazilian roast and it was...
Drop whatever it is that you had planned for your morning cup of joe and do whatever it is you have to do in order to give this place a try ASAP. Went here...
Hours of Operation
Monday5AM - 5PM
Tuesday5AM - 5PM
Wednesday5AM - 5PM
Thursday5AM - 5PM
Friday5AM - 5PM
Saturday7AM - 1PM
Sunday7AM - 1PM
inklings coffee pleasanton
Super cute coffee shop in downtown Pleasanton. Lots of space to plug in and work, or to just hang out. I caught a very friendly vibe in this place. I...
Actually unique- never been to a coffee shop quite like this one. An excellent setting for reading and getting work done! Lots of space for small groups or...
So lucky to have this gem of a coffee shop right in our neighborhood. Inklings is absolutely amazing in every sense. Coffee shops tie neighborhoods together...
Hours of Operation
Monday7AM - 8PM
Tuesday7AM - 8PM
Wednesday7AM - 8PM
Thursday7AM - 8PM
Friday7AM - 9PM
Saturday7AM - 9PM
Sunday7AM - 8PM
the english rose tea room
Overall a very nice venue and tea room experience. Excellent service and lovely decor throughout. We would love to come back here again and enjoy their...
Put on your tea party dress, silk gloves and fancy hats because it's time for your afternoon tea. Darling, "Would you like a cup of tea?" I had such a...
When I think English tea, my first thought is Tyme for Tea in Fremont, or Lisa's Tea Treasures which used to be open at Santana Row. It's about time I tried...
Hours of Operation
Monday7AM - 8PM
Tuesday7AM - 8PM
Wednesday7AM - 8PM
Thursday7AM - 8PM
Friday7AM - 9PM
Saturday7AM - 9PM
Sunday7AM - 8PM
the press artisan cafe livermore
I came here on my lunch break today for a refreshing sandwich. I pulled up and noticed that majority of their orders were phone orders. And they had...
This place is super bomb!! Due to the quarantine we got the food to go and sat at a park and ate but let me tell you... She the Avocado + Goat Cheese +...
Such a gem of a place for lunch! All panini's are great! Have to go back to try their brunch once shelter in place is over! Don't forget to get their...
Hours of Operation
Monday7AM - 8PM
Tuesday7AM - 8PM
Wednesday7AM - 8PM
Thursday7AM - 8PM
Friday7AM - 9PM
Saturday7AM - 9PM
Sunday7AM - 8PM
the steam house coffee & kava bar
steam house coffee & kava bar
Have you ever had a mocha made from mushrooms? Well, you can here! And not from the psychedelic ones... Service is friendly. Prices are good. Drinks are...
This is a must really good looking spot to hang and have a cup of coffee. Or my personal fav Vietnamese coffee . Alicia is a girl who is seemingly always...
Hours of Operation
Monday8AM - 9PM
Tuesday8AM - 9PM
Wednesday8AM - 9PM
Thursday8AM - 9PM
Friday8AM - 9PM
Saturday8AM - 3PM
Sunday8AM - 3PM
espresso rosetta
I have been going to Espresso Rosetta for 7 years I think. They serve some of the best coffee and tea I have ever had. In the beginning, their hours were...
I went there pre C-19 to meet with my BFF and was so delighted by the warm ambiance and the choice of teas- and coffees. I am a tea aficionado and tea snob...
Hours of Operation
Monday6:30AM - 4PM
Tuesday6:30AM - 4PM
Wednesday6:30AM - 4PM
Thursday6:30AM - 4PM
Friday6:30AM - 6PM
Saturday7AM - 6PM
Sunday7AM - 6PM
panama bay coffee co livermore
No better way to start your day than with one of the many roast options and a warm, welcoming smile from barista Erin! PBC offers world class service and...
Unique place that is nice to hang out with friends. Come here every once in a while and also a good experience. Seating is pretty good inside. Mostly...
Hours of Operation
Monday5:30AM - 10PM
Tuesday5:30AM - 10PM
Wednesday5:30AM - 10PM
Thursday5:30AM - 10PM
Friday5:30AM - 11PM
Saturday6AM - 11PM
Sunday7AM - 8PM
story coffee co.
SIP Takeout Review: Paul and his crew (aka Storytellers) stayed committed to creating quality drinks and supporting the local heroes in their town of...
I love this place! It's such a cozy cafe tucked away in Livermore. I don't frequent Livermore much, but I definitely plan on coming by each time I'm there....
My first time here was about a week ago. I'm not a huge coffee fan, but I will drink the occasional white chocolate mocha. #basic. In the spirit of...
Hours of Operation
Monday6AM - 6PM
Tuesday6AM - 6PM
Wednesday6AM - 6PM
Thursday6AM - 6PM
Friday6AM - 6PM
Saturday6AM - 6PM
Sunday6AM - 6PM
the press pleasanton
We have been to their original location in Pleasanton and like it lot. Imagine my surprise when we saw this location next to the Livermore 13 Cinema...
Really good paninis! Definately worth a visit while in downtown Livermore. Excited to try more from the menu!
Hours of Operation
Monday7:30AM - 3PM
Tuesday7:30AM - 3PM
Wednesday7:30AM - 3PM
Thursday7:30AM - 3PM
Friday7:30AM - 3PM
Saturday8AM - 3PM
Sunday9AM - 2PM
tea heart boba tea dublin
This was my first time coming here and I was amazed with the super super SUPER friendly service!!! I was welcomed by a young girl with a smile. She...
Their mango sago drink is really good. It somehow tastes fresher than the one at iTea. Mango sago is a thick mango drink with tiny clear tapioca. Their...
Hours of Operation
Monday10:30AM - 9:30PM
Tuesday10:30AM - 9:30PM
Wednesday10:30AM - 9:30PM
Thursday10:30AM - 9:30PM
Friday10:30AM - 10PM
Saturday10AM - 10PM
Sunday10AM - 10PM
boba bliss dublin, ca
Boba Bliss has done a pretty great job of balancing the shelter-in-place protocol with the demand for their delicious drinks. They've fine-tuned an online...
Drinks: 10/10 Wait time: 45 minutes on a Saturday around 6PM Service: N/A (order online and pick up at the door) Portion: small I got the chocolate...
This place baffles me. The multitude of times I've been here, the line is always to the door. But is it really that good? Yes. Yes it is. The store is...
Hours of Operation
Monday11AM - 9PM
Tuesday11AM - 9PM
Wednesday11AM - 9PM
Thursday11AM - 9PM
Friday11AM - 10PM
Saturday11AM - 10PM
Sunday11AM - 9PM
cafe tapioca dubiln, ca
Still my favorite spot to get Boba drinks. This place has been in Dublin for as long as I can remember and is the first in the area to my knowledge. I'm...
Hours of Operation
Monday11AM - 10PM
Tuesday11AM - 10PM
Wednesday11AM - 10PM
Thursday11AM - 10PM
Friday11AM - 10PM
Saturday11AM - 10PM
Sunday11AM - 10PM
allegro coffee co. (whole foods)
One of my favorite grocery spot! The price is slightly pricey compare to many but at quality product so it's totally worth it. Plus if you got prime you get...
Pretty impossible to even find parking here at sun on noon. But i was hungry and knew that the chick-fil-a was gonna be even more packed. Happy i...
Hours of Operation
Monday8AM - 10PM
Tuesday8AM - 10PM
Wednesday8AM - 10PM
Thursday8AM - 10PM
Friday8AM - 10PM
Saturday8AM - 10PM
Sunday8AM - 10PM
amazing basil (a cup of)
I came here before the shelter in place situation and have been meaning to write a review for a while (I've raved about them on IG twice already though, if...
We started getting drinks from this local restaurant not too long ago and we already love the choices of tea a lot. We also want to shout out to the owner,...
I have to give this restaurant 5 stars on their services during shelter in place. Order was placed on the app for delivery Sunday afternoon. I was...
Hours of Operation
Monday11AM - 9PM
Tuesday11AM - 9PM
Wednesday11AM - 9PM
Thursday11AM - 9PM
Friday11AM - 9PM
Saturday11AM - 9PM
Sunday11AM - 9PM
sideboard neighborhood kitchen
sideboard kitchen danville
Hey dudes! Sideboard is open for takeout and BOOZE orders!!! What?! Booze, you say? If you haven't had the presence of mind to try Sideboard while COVID-19...
Sideboard Danville still rocks the casbah! We are supporting our favorite restaurants during the covid-19 crisis. We ordered take out of the Brussel...
Awesome food, awesome service. Brought my parents take out and now they are eating here at least once a week during the SIP. Convenient drive up service so...
Hours of Operation
Monday8AM - 8PM
Tuesday8AM - 9PM
Wednesday8AM - 9PM
Thursday8AM - 9PM
Friday8AM - 9PM
Saturday8AM - 9PM
Sunday8AM - 8PM
starbucks reserve danville
this Starbucks Reserve is something special/different. must be cuz i don't understand the menu. ice cream? floats? are they better than A & W? seating is...
Take everything good you love about Starbucks, and then elevate it. That's Starbucks Reserve. Yes, all your favorite tried-and-true beverages and food are...
This location has the best service that i have ever received in a Starbucks. The employees were friendly, helpful, and courteous. I wish they were able to...
Hours of Operation
Monday5AM - 9PM
Tuesday5AM - 9PM
Wednesday5AM - 9PM
Thursday5AM - 9PM
Friday5AM - 10PM
Saturday5:30AM - 10PM
Sunday5:30AM - 9:30PM
the coffee shop
Love the vibe in here! Rustic decor, and lots of seats for folks to work or chat. I would totally come read a book or get work done here if I lived in...
Edited: Thanks for the manager reached out and handled the feedback in a very positive way. So I'm updating the review to 5 stars to reflect the quality of...
The coffee is just great, but the almond croissants now those you will never forget. Probably the best ones I've had since Bouchon in Yountville. So so...
Hours of Operation
Monday6:30AM - 5PM
Tuesday6:30AM - 5PM
Wednesday6:30AM - 5PM
Thursday6:30AM - 5PM
Friday6:30AM - 5PM
Saturday6:30AM - 5PM
Sunday6:30AM - 5PM
basque boulangerie danville
My husband and I came here for a Valentine's Day dinner and it was wonderful. The staff was clearly very busy, but they were so friendly and lovely and...
The Sonoma that's closer to home!!! I don't think I could've spent my Presidents Day any better. My mom and I took a trip out to Danville yesterday to go...
Hours of Operation
Monday8AM - 4PM
Wednesday8AM - 4PM
Thursday8AM - 9PM
Friday8AM - 9PM
Saturday8AM - 9PM
Sunday8AM - 4PM
medleno coffee shop & roastery
medleno coffee shop & roastery
Stopped by on my ride to Mount Diablo and was really surprised at how affordable the espresso was considering the great quality! 100% has my business next...
Wow! Thanks Clay for making the best "Ice Coffee." The bold flavor of the coffee stayed the same to the last sip. Amazing! The customer services is...
Not easy to find but with the treasure hunt! Tried the turkish coffee. The lady running the business was SUPER helpful and nice! During these trying times...
Hours of Operation
Monday7AM - 5PM
Tuesday7AM - 5PM
Wednesday7AM - 5PM
Thursday7AM - 5PM
Friday7AM - 5PM
Saturday7AM - 5PM